Electro-less Nickel is a functional finish which is capable of offering enormous advantages to the engineering field. The process offers several advantages over conventional plating processes. Among these are uniform deposit build-up on all surfaces without beading; the ability to plate irregular shapes uniformly; and the ability to heat-treat the deposit to increase the hardness to 68 Rockwell C.


Electro-less Nickel Coating has been extensively tested in conditions simulating service in oil and gas environments and in coal mines, in order to assess its suitability as a corrosion resistant coating in these demanding applications. Electro-less Nickel Coating is also a COST EFFECTIVE alternative in all Hydrogen Sulfide free environments, and where Hydrogen Sulfide is present but temperature does not exceed 150 Degrees Celcius.


Abrasion, friction, corrosion, heat and vibration are the most frequent causes of wear. Chromium plating resists the effects of these elements, by interposing a super hard, anti-friction, rust resistant layer between exposed surfaces, mating surfaces, and their surrounding parts. We specialize in ID & OD Plating of components.


    We can obtain various different finishes based on your requirement.


    Chromium is 68-70 Rockwell C as applied.


    Chromium is highly resistant to corrosive attack by water, salt solutions, and most chemicals. Its behavior in corrosive service is closely related to that of Stainless Steels.


    Chrome can be applied from .000050” to .10” thick. Coating thicker than .002” will need to be ground after plating.


    QQC-320 B, AMS 2406, and ASTM B-2406.


Galvanizing is the coating of zinc on metal components. The benefits of galvanizing are that it offers the base materials of all types of components a protection from corrosive environments while zinc offers protection from the atmosphere. Galvanizing is primarily coated in three ways:




Marami is one of the pioneers in the region for Spin Galvanizing which is a type of Hot Dip Galvanizing that is used for coating threaded components with Molten zinc without clogging the intricate threads and avoiding the need to re-thread whatsoever. Spin Galvanizing is a unique feature at Marami, we are one of the only ones that can do it and offer state of the art American Technology that enables us to offer you the following:

• Carry out all types of small parts regardless of shape.

• Coat 80 microns Plus on any type of threaded component from small fasteners to jack bolts and larger

   threaded rods.

• Save you thousands of Dollars in Re-threading charges.

• Offer you a higher quality coating spun to ensure that smooth deposits are attained while maintaining your

   thickness requirements.

• Our Spin Galvanizing is coated in line with ASTM A123.

• Our Bath size enables us to carry out SPIN Galvanizing of the largest parts within 2 meters at very high

  daily capacity.

• Post treatment doesn’t require any Finishing, thus we give it back to you faster.

Suitable for components that are dipped in 400-450 Degrees Celcius molten zinc. This enables the steel to deposit higher levels of zinc, however, the deposits are not controlled and tend to be uneven. The higher coating of zinc enables higher resistance in environments that require extreme protection from corrosion. Hot Dip however is not proposed for components that require coating on threaded areas or smaller, leaner or flexible steel that can get deformed in the high heat intensive process.

Suitable for applications that require a controlled deposit of zinc. The advantage of Electro-Galvanizing is that the controlled application enables even deposition all over the material which facilitates further industrial applications. Electro-Galvanizing is superior to Hot Dip when it comes to coverage on threaded areas as well as on delicate or flexible parts. The application ensures full coverage on all types of steel. Smaller components can be plated in a controlled manner, while larger steel components can acquire more even surfaces. Electro-Galvanizing also offers a unique finish as post plating passivation (chromating) enables patrons to select the required color which varies including: blue, yellow, grey, green and black.


Marami has recently introduced the On-Site plating service. This service enables us to bring the plating to you. With the growing demand on coating and the extensive corrosion on high reach areas, we have found a way to solve the problem of many of our patrons. Instead of spending a lot of valuable time and resources on dismantling cylinders and shafts where only a patch needs to be repaired, we have introduced the on-site plating.


This service enables our clients to repair patches and worn out parts on the go, without having to worry about the time frame of dismantling and shipping. In addition, the portable application enables us to carry out work on all types of components no matter the shape. We can plate where no one else can.




    We have recently introduced this new coating which is one of the first of its kind. We offer a layer of protection on stainless steel which contrary to everyone’s belief does Rust when exposed to the environment. If you don’t believe us just visit the vast number of buildings, airports and outdoor errections to witness the rust formation on Stainless Steel. This rust formation is an indicative sign of corrosion which if not immediately protected results in damage of the material and eventual scrapping of the metal. Therefore, SS passivation offers a protective insurance against any sign of Iron Oxide. The good news is Marami has a team that can visit sites and protect your steel without any extra effort needed from our clients. No delivery headaches, no time wasting and logistical nightmares. We come to you and take care of it for you. Annual Maintenance Contracts are also offered to protect your Material from Rusting.


    Tin coatings are used to provide a low contact- resistance surface, to protect against corrosion, to facilitate soldering, to provide anti-galling properties, and to be a stopoff coating in the nitriding of high-strength steels. Marami is one of the few plants in the region to house the largest Tin plating baths catering to both intricate as well as structural requirements including Bus Bars and other conducting parts. Do note that parts coated with tin can be assembled safely in contact with iron and steel, tin-coated aluminum, yellow chromated zinc, cadmium, and solder coatings. The standard applied is ASTM B 545 – 97.


    Marami has recently started and got approved by some of the world’s largest MNC’s for Nickel Sulfamate Coating. Sulfamate nickel plating is used for many engineering applications. It is deposited for dimensional corrections, abrasion and wear resistance, and corrosion protection. It is also used as an undercoat for chromium. Marami is one of the first to develop this application for both ID & OD requirements. The standard applied is ASTM B689 - 97(2008).


    Marami offers one of the most reliable Copper Plating setups in the region specializing for Industrial Applications. Copper plating is used for engineering purposes. Examples include surface hardening, heat treatment stop-off, as an under- plate for other engineering coatings, for electro- magnetic interferences (EMI) shielding in electron- ic circuitry, and in certain joining operations. Our chemistries are uniquely developed to ensure that the clients can benefit fully in the application of use. The standard applied is ASTM B 734 – 97.


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